Erratic behavior

JPG posted Dec 20 '15, 19:34:

I configured a PI 2 to have a samplerbox and followed all the steps I think.
I use a USB midi keyboard and a Lexicon Alpha as a soundcard.
I can play notes and change sounds but I have a problem.

Some of the notes I play are sometimes repeated several times.
The only way to stop them is to change sounds (bank of samples).

The problem is because of my soundcard?

woz posted Dec 20 '15, 23:32:

I have had a lot of problems with the Lexicon interfaces on multiple full-on computers, I think it's your interface yes.

I also found that having a fast SD card, at least U1 rated, helps.

JPG posted Dec 20 '15, 23:58:

Thank you for your help about the Lexicon interfaces. I'm waiting for a PCM2704 based Mini DAC but it takes more longer to be delivered than I expected.
But I don't understand the need of a fast SD card because all the samples are loaded into the 1GB of memory of the PI. Thus a fast SD card doesn't seem to be required. No?

woz posted Dec 21 '15, 00:08:

Yes, so really It only makes switching samples and booting faster, but that's worth it. Buggy, old, or cheap cards really caused a lot of random unreliability on the Pi for me until I upped my sd game.

JPG posted Dec 21 '15, 11:15:

I have already a good SD card.
Anyway, thank you for the advice! ;-)


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