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André W. posted Jun 9 '15, 03:11:


Just a question about this dac:

I know that this is far more expensive than a cheap usb dac, but would it work with sampler box?
Some modifications required? Not at all?

Best Regards,
André W.

Don posted Jun 9 '15, 03:17:

Or maybe one of these:

joseph posted Jun 9 '15, 09:05:

Hi André,

I really think it will work, because it will be recognized by Linux as a standard audio device, which can be used by SamplerBox. (But I never tried myself this DAC, so I cannot confirm 100% that it will work).

The only problem I see with a DAC connected as a hat on Raspberry Pi's GPIO is that the GPIO pins are not free anymore! And we do need GPIO pins for:

  • buttons (Preset + / Preset -)
  • MIDI IN (via Serial Port, using GPIO pins)
  • 7-segment display (via I2C)

Now that I looked at the pictures of these DAC mounted as a hat, I see that I might be possible to add pin headers on them to replicate the GPIO pins? Never tested myself...

Anyway the 6€ DAC is really excellent, it is based on a good Texas Instrument PCM2704 chip (and I compared to lots of soundcard audio outputs), that's why I didn't investigate more on more expensive DACs.

daniel posted Jun 10 '15, 07:19:

GPIOs on the DAC can be used also for buttons and stuff if you make sure you don't use a GPIO that is in use already. These are documented here;

Best regards

André W. posted Jun 30 '15, 16:05:

Hi Joseph,
Thank you for your reply. I have been out for a while and only now I was able to respond you.

My question was focused on how "easy" would be to build your project with different parts (as I live in Brazil, sometimes you can't find all you want). I found your DAC recommendation selling on Amazon, but the seller does not ship to Brazil.

I have this wack idea of assemble a harpsichord mockup using keys from a local luthier but putting a samplerbox inside, instead of hundred brass wires, felt and wood pieces.

My wife plays several keyboards (harpsichord among them) but we can't afford to buy (and specially maintain) a real one. As I said, just an weird idea...

By the way, GREAT PROJECT - many thanks for sharing!

André Wiermann


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