Chris Wilkinson posted Dec 28 '15, 22:52:

With some effort, I've gotten SamplerBox working beautifully without purchasing anything. I used:
-- Raspberry Pi model B
-- 8GB SD card
-- MIDI keyboard
-- USB headset
(No electronics.)

Here's a brief summary of what I did. It took some figuring out but the FAQ contained enough information.

(1) Put the image on the SD card.
(2) Inserted the SD card into a Linux PC for editing.
(3) Enlarged the main partition to fill the SD card.
(4) Created a folder /samples/ on the SD card and put my sample sets there.
(5) Edited by changing the audio device from 2 to 0 and setting /samples/ as the samples folder.

At this point I turned it on with a MIDI keyboard connected and it worked, but the Raspberry Pi's on-board DAC (that's audio device 0) sounded terrible. Very noisy, and the sound cut in and out in a rapid, periodic chopping fashion at around 10Hz. To fix this:

(6) Found a USB headset and plugged it in.
(7) Edited again, setting the audio device back from 0 to 2.
(8) Started the Raspberry Pi again.

My USB headset (audio device 2) is very cheap, but it sounds much better than the on-board DAC. I really didn't want to buy that USB DAC from Ebay -- The five-week shipping time is just too long!

Thank you very much, SamplerBox team. You have made practising keyboard in my dorm much simpler than when I was using a DAW as a sound source.

eduardo posted Feb 29 '16, 00:37:

hi do you connect your midi intreface (keyboard) by usb or by midi in on gpio ?
i am traing to connet my arduino ( configured as midi interface, like microdrum ) to raspbery pi, but i cant get it work i am traing by usb


adeser posted Mar 11 '16, 19:18:

So you used de Raspberry PI 1 (not 2) ?

Eduardo posted Mar 11 '16, 20:52:

Hi i use pi 2 i alredy have Arduino as midi USB hid so its plag&play , and its "Alive" but i stil have problems with velicity maby i AM no using god wave files, i have trigger io to and i dont have velocity filing like if o tap Soft it play a Soft note and if i tap stronger i get a stronger sound / not , i AM traing to get my acustic cajon as a electro/acustic cajon. I AM usim drum samples to test and get the right config , the velicity its my problem now.


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