AUX-Input, Effekts?

Erich posted Jan 9 '16, 15:27:

Hi, all worked out of the box, - with a Raspi B, MIDI-Cable etc.
I am a guitarist and would like to use the MIC-Input of the soundcard as a Input for the Guitar and join the sound of the guitar with the sound of the samplerbox.
How could I activate and pass through the guitarsound?

in the next step...
Would it be possible to add some effects to the input or the output? I have tried to activate jackd and guitarix with some scripts from ampbrownie (github) and it failed.

Mostly I play acoustic music and would like to use some simple rythm-samples as a stompbox played by samplerbox.
Perhaps a simple reverb, booster and a delay would be more than enaugh for the guitarpart.
It would be cool to save the effekt-settings together with the program of samplerbox.

Any suggestions to implement the first step "MIC IN" and probably "Effects" in the existing phytonscript?


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