Hardware Question

Alien posted Jan 31 '16, 21:29:

Hey there!
It's really amazing to see that someone actually did what i tried to achieve (partially successful with petri-foo), and done it in such a beautiful way! thumbs up!
So - i think i will follow the guide to actually build this - but have couple of questions:
USB port - how do you connect one to the raspberry Pi itself? I assume it's just an extender - so do i have to solder the connector and then just hack an USB cable and solder one side to that connector and insert other into Raspberry?
And the SD card reader - it's not clear from the schematics how to actually connect it to the USB on the Pi - some special cable?

Thanks in advance!

Alien posted Feb 1 '16, 04:48:

And also - is there any simple way to make it multi-timbral? Like different sets on different midi channels?
I really need it as expander for my MPC1000, since it has not enough ram, and i have many synths connected to it at the same time - so at least MIDI channel selection will be very useful!

Alien posted Feb 3 '16, 01:51:

OK - so i managed to build everything)
But now - i have a software issue
I went with Recommended install - written image on a microSD - as usual with Jessie
But somehow it wont auto start - all i can see after boot is

Raspbian Linux 8 samplerbox tty1
samplerbox login:

And thats it
What should i do?
Don't have keyboard now, and SSH won't work


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