Alternative/extended implementation 2

HansEhv posted Dec 30 '16, 00:02:

I've got a major release published for my alternative/extended implementation (
Feature list include things like:

  • playing samples/loops full length
  • autochord (play a chord by touching one key)
  • voices = multiple sample sets / folder (thanks Alex)
  • accurate velocity = no velocity layers required (thanks Erik)
  • pitch bend
  • variable release / fadeout
  • multiple ways to control volume (e.g. the midi volume knob, gain/sample set etc)
  • native 2x16 LCD display support
  • working for multiple/simultaneous midi controllers (using rtmidi2)
  • and more...
    Most of it will also be in the merged samplerbox release Joseph mentions in his blog (, so you can also wait for that to stay in the mainstream.
    But if you want to use some/all of it before merging completes: you can find image, sources and docs at http://homspace/homspace/samplerbox/index.html.
    And please do also share your enhancements / extensions to help develop this wonderful idea.
Nimbo77 posted Jan 13 '17, 13:36:

Hi Hans.
Thanks to everyone else for this amazing project!

I was hoping you could answer a question for me. Am I correct that for the LCD in your code, I have to interface directly to the LCD, and not through I2C?

I'm asking because I have one with a I2C module already connected, and it would be nice not to have to desolder it.


Nimbo77 posted Jan 13 '17, 13:36:

I of course meant "Thanks to YOU and everyone else" :)

HansEhv posted Jan 13 '17, 21:45:

Hi Nimbo,
Yeah, sometimes you'd wish you could edit your post :-)
You're right, this connects directly (saved space and the I2C module).
I don't think it's hard to get it running with an i2c lib implementation.
There are some of them lying around, for example
Just disable or remove my stuff and follow installation of the I2C plug of your preference.
Also check the display routine, you may need another way for getting the two lines (s1 and s2) with correct line length.

Nimbo77 posted Jan 14 '17, 06:22:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Total noob here for both RPi and Python, so we'll see how this goes:)


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