Pi 4 (New Pi)

Dan posted Jun 24 '19, 17:08:


Does anybody know if Samplerbox will or should work on the Pi 4? Also, if/anyone tries it, did you bump into any issues?

Thanks, Dan

Raul posted Sep 23 '19, 08:36:

Hello, Samplerbox works perfectly on raspbian for rasperry pi 4, but I can not tell if the iso boot because I just run the app on Raspbian. I hope this helps.

Peter posted Jan 28, 12:09:

The iso can´t boot, i tried and i have black screen in Raspberry pi 4 - 4Gb Ram

Luke Hawley posted Feb 8, 15:54:

Try replacing start.elf and fixup.dat from the newest Raspbian download on the SD card.


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