Issues getting sound on Raspberry Pi 2 B+

Colin Brogan posted Oct 12, 01:07:

I have an iCON iKeyboard 4X, a cheap USB soundcard from adafruit, and I etched your iso. I also plugged in a USB drive with the following instrument downloaded:

Mellotron MK II Flute

It is in the root of the USB drive as follows:

0 Flute/*

On the first run, I checked systemctl status samplerbox, and it was not running, reporting an issue with smbus and i2c. I opened up your, and changed the following top variables:


This fixed the smbus / i2c error. On reboot, the system daemon is running fine, but no sound. I stopped it, and executed directly, and observed the following output:

Opened audio device #2
Opened MIDI: iCON iKeyboard 4X V1.06 24:0
Opened MIDI: iCON iKeyboard 4X V1.06 24:1
Preset loading: 0 (0 Flute)
Error in definition file, skipping line 1.
Preset loaded: 0

Any ideas what's going on? I did not make any changes to the definition file of the instrument. Also, I know that the actual keys are on channel 1 (not 0) of my keyboard (it strangely runs 2 different midi devices). I have tested the keyboard in other applications and channel 1 works.

I am very excited by this project. Hope I can get it running soon! Great work on the 8 second boot time and realtime linux. I have been trying this kind of stuff with fluidsynth for months and constantly running into problems, with crazy long boot times and audio issues.

Colin Brogan posted Oct 26, 22:05:

I finally got sound out of my C-Media Headphone set. I can't find the articles that made me get it fixed, but basically I had to disable linux from setting up the onboard sound card, and then alsa started using my USB audio card by default.

Still having problems loading the Mellotron pre-set. I am trying other instruments. I successfully have the saw sound working.


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