Raspberry A+?

Luke Hawley posted Jan 6, 01:54:

I'm very new to Raspberry Pi and a newbie coder (I've built tube amps and pedals, but nothing this digital) and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this going--so I'm wondering if my problem is using an A+? I download the image, flash it with Balena to a 16gb SD card, plug it into my Pi A+, plug my Akai MPK mini into the USB port, and plug headphones (or a powered speaker) into the 1/8th inch and ... nothing. I even tried a manual install from Raspbian Lite--nothing. No sound, no nothing. I've watched a bunch of videos on other pi midi synths, but I love the SamplerBox idea; it just seems so easy. Emphasis on seems. Any tips? Any video walk throughs? Thanks!

Erich posted Jan 7, 23:18:

perhaps You have to add a USB-Soundcard or You have to change the configuration-txt - file.

homspace.xs4all.nl /homspace/samplerbox/configuration.txt

Which Base-Image did You use for it? The official older one from Joseph or a newer one from Hans?
I have followed this instruction:
homspace.xs4all.nl /homspace/samplerbox/SBbuild.html

I had build my Samplerbox with an LCD-display and PCM 5180-Soundcard last 2 weeks, but I have used a Raspberry Pi 3 because of the needed USB-Ports.
Most users do not use the onboard-Soundcard because it is only PWM which sounds like 12Bit or less.
If You own an active USB-Hub, then try to expand the number of USB-Interfaces and use an USB-Interface which works out of the box.

The configuration.txt has to be changed for other Soundcard-Configurations.

Best Regards

Luke Hawley posted Jan 9, 02:12:

The USB DAC just arrived today, so I’ll give it a shot. I tried a couple different base-images, definitely Joseph’s latest and Hans’.

Erich posted yesterday, 19:27:

ok, good luck and let me know how it performs. I am thinking about Raspi Zero or the A+ too. The 3+ is taking to much power for my needs.

Luke Hawley posted today, 01:11:

I haven't completely gotten it to work. I got Hans' version to load when I replaced start.elf and fix.data with the most recent Pi package. I can get it to play through my HDMI, but nothing else--though I think I got a bum USB DAC (the board was disconnected from the USB input part). But I haven't gotten it to play through the 1/8th inch on the A+ either. A lot of this is my own newbieness--it's a steeper learning curve for me than basic electronic circuitry.


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